Brief Timeline History of New Hope United Methodist Church:

New Hope UMC 

1st year history - 12/14/1964 – Survey was conducted to see who would be interested in becoming charter members of the new church.  144 families totaling 535 persons indicated a desire to become charter members

Naming the church - In the early months of 1965 it was the hope of the committee that our new church would serve the community in such a way that “new hope” would emanate from that fellowship hence the name “New Hope” was adopted as the official name of the church.

May 1965 - First congregational meeting held in the Grace Methodist Church Basement. Attending the meeting was Rev.  Basil Grimes, Joe and Joan Clay, and Vernon and Mildred Doty.

June 1965 - First worship service held at 8:00 a.m. at the extreme east end of the church property by a large oak tree.  Minister at this time was Reverend Basil Grimes.

July 1965 - Ground breaking ceremony – approximately 30 people attended

September 1965 - First indoor service of the New Hope congregation was held in the Acanthus Lodge.  

February 1966 - Consecration Sunday for the new building. 

Fall 1989 - New sanctuary began. First Sunday in new sanctuary, March 4, 1990.

March 1996 - First Hand of Luke meal prepared, serving meals at Central Iowa Shelter & Services on the 14th of each month.

Fall 1999 - TGIW (Thank God it is Wednesday) children’s program started 

Fall 2000 - B.L.A.S.T. was organized (Believing, Learning, Assisting, Serving Teens). Jr. & Sr. High youth groups. 

April 2004 - Groundbreaking of New Life Center.

May 2004 - Dedication of the Ruby Chapel – In Memory of Ruby Wells. 

October 2005 - Contemporary Worship begins in the New Life Center.

August 2011 - Johnston “River of Life” ministry begins at Beaver Creek Elem School.

April 2017 - Johnston “River of Life” charters as a new United Methodist Church for Johnston, Iowa

March 2020 – The mortgage was paid off. Began our first Parking Lot services due to Covid-19.

   New Hope Pastors:

1965-1967: Rev. Basil Grimes

1967-1970: Rev. Bill Trembly

1970-1978: Rev. Dean Fullerton

1978-1982: Rev. Romaine Barber

1982- 1984: Rev. Egon Gerdes

1984-1997: Rev. Robert (Bob) Cook

1997-2014: Rev. Neil Cross

2010-2018: Rev. Craig Ferguson, Outreach Pastor

2014-2019: Rev. Jon Gaul

2019-2024: Rev. Lilian Gallo Seagren

2024-Present: Pastor Amy Johnson

2024-Present: Associate Pastor Wendy Zadeh